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Collection weeding!

I've finally decided that it's time to part with some of my collection, and narrow it down a lot more. So, here's what I'm looking to get rid of.

Collection Cull HereCollapse )

After I get some pricing together, these will be posted to PKMN Collectors, or as a lot on eBay! :)

Cards Available for Trade!

These are all of the cards I currently have available to trade! There is only one of each cards available, unless otherwise stated.

Base Set:
Pidgeotto 22/102
Dewgong 25/102
Farfetch'd 27/102 x2
Growlithe 28/102
Kadabra 32/102
Kakuna 33/102
Machoke 34/102 x3
Magikarp 35/102
Magmar 36/102
Porygon 39/102 x2
Raticate 40/102
Wartortle 42/102
Doduo 48/102 x2
Koffing 51/102
Machop 52/102 x4
Magnemite 53/102
Metapod 54/102
Nidoran 55/102
Onix 56/102 x3
Pidgey 57/102 x3
Poliwag 59/102
Ponyta 60/102
Rattata 61/102 x4
Sandshrew 62/102 x3
Squirtle 63/102
Starmie 64/102
Staryu 65/102
Tangela 66/102
Voltorb 67/102
Vulpix 68/102
Weedle 69/102
Computer Search 71/102
Lass 75/102
Energy Retrieval 81/102
Super Potion 90/102
Energy Removal 92/102
Potion 94/102
Switch 95/102
Fighting Energy 97/102 x2
Fire Energy 98/102
Grass Energy 99/102
Electric Energy 100/102
Psychic Energy 101/102
Water Energy 102/102


There will be more. This will be updated!

TCG Wants Part 3!

More card wants!
Moar wants!Collapse )

That's all of my wants! Feel free to offer any holos or promos, because I most likely don't have them! :D

TCG Wants Part 2!

The massive list continues!Moar card wants!Collapse )

New TCG Wants! Part 1!

Here's my massive TCG wants list!
Huge Updated TCG Wants List!Collapse )

TCG Wants List!

It's taken me pretty much all day to do this, so hopefully it was worth it! Here's the link to my TCG wants list!


Anyways, all of the cards ON that list I HAVE, but if it's NOT on the list, then, I need it XD

So help me get closer to completing my collection please

Also, offer any promos or trainer kits, I don't have many of them at all!

Thanks guys! <333


Updated Wants!

Hey everyone, just thought I'd update my wants, and make it a little less confusing XD Anyways, let's get to it :D
These Pokemon are my main collections;
*Pikachu line
*Piplup line
*Oshawott line
*POSSIBLE Ghost type collection!

Side Collections;
*Riolu line
*Vulpix line
*Skymin (maybe Landmin too XD)
*Zorua line
*Legendary Dogs (Entei, Raikou, Suicune)

Specific Items;
-Pokedolls (except; DX Pika, Piplup, Raikou, Flareon, Jolteon and Umbreon)
-Christmas plush
-Halloween plush
-Pokemon Canvas (except Oshawott)
-Victini on a Masterball (same sort of thing as the Pika one) *EXTEMELY HIGH WANT!*
-Espeon/Umbreon Hour Glass
-TFG figures (except Feraligatr)
-Pokemon Towels, Handkercheifs and Blankets
-Shinx Mystery Dungeon Plush
-Zukan (except; Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon, Scorupi line, Hippodon line, Munna line, Pansage line, Purrlion line and Aipom line)
-Primal Dialga Plush
-Pokemon Adventures Anime (preferably Australian or UK versions - except the first one)
-Pokemon Games - Crystal, Ruby, Fire Red, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Platinum, Mystery Dungeon games and Pokemon Ranger games (again preferably Australian or UK versions)

That's about it for now, but I am trying to get at least one plush and figure of every Pokemon, as well as their pokedolls (for the ones that have them). I am also trying to collect all of the zukans a TFG figures. So offer me anything else you have and I may just take it :D



I don't see how anyone can resist these guys! They are AMAZINGLY CUTE! :D

Wish List!

Hey everyone, I'm just re-doing my wants list (not that I'm going to have a lot of money for any of these things until I'm in Australia). Anyways, to the point. First of all, here's the Pokemon I'm collecting;

* Pikachu Line
* Piplup Line
* Eeveelutions
* Riolu Line
* Vulpix Line
* Skymin
* Arceus
* Absol
* Victini
* Zorua Line
* Team Rocket, Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary, May, N and Dawn (maybe other humans as well)
*Legendary Dogs (Entei, Raikou and Suicune)
*Oshawott Line

I'd also like these specific items;

- Shaymin (sky form) UFO
- Shaymin kid
- Christmas Plush
- Halloween plush (especially Umbreon and Espeon, and the new Pikachu one)
- Pikachu on a Pokeball (lotto Prize)  Thanks to segamew/foxwhisker
- Victini on a Masterball (rare lotto prize) *HIGH WANT*
- Umbreon/Espeon hourglass
- Entei, Raikou and Suicune minky pokedolls
- Altered Form Giratini plush
- Three monkey pokedolls
- Blitzle/Zebstrika pokedolls
- Reshiram and Zekrom plush
- Eeveelution pokedolls (not Umbreon)
- Pokemon towels, handkercheifs and blankets
- Shinx Mystery Dungeon plush
- Settei
- Cels
- Wailord and other zukan
- Other lottery prizes
- 2011 Pikachu Worlds plush
-Pokemon Anime/Movies on DVD (preferrably Australian or UK versions)
-Pokemon Games - Crystal, Fire Red, Heart Gold, Platinum, Diamond and White. Also any Mystery Dungeon games (Again, preferrably Australian or UK versions)
-Primal Dialga

Feel free to offer any other merch, because I may also accept that. Even customs. For now, that's all though, if I think of anything else, I will add to the list :)